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How to prepare for a tan in 5 moves

Posted on 23 Feb, 2014 by in Abbronzatura @en | 0 comments

If the most will have to wait a bit ‘for a real vacation, these warm, sunny days make you want to start to move at least some weekend on the beach. E ‘therefore necessary to prepare the skin to the first sunbathing , especially if concentrated in several hours straight. Of course the people who must pay more attention to the first sessions at the beach are belonging to phototype clear , more prone to sunburn and sunstroke; must be said that even those who have a darker complexion, the first releases on the beach after the winter should protect themselves adequately.


The first step to prepare the skin in order to get a tan uniform and shiny is remove impurities and dead cells from face and body. It ‘important to choose a scrub specific to your skin type, or risk irritation and redness and use two different products for the face and body. As for soaps and bubble bath, you should choose this time of year of delicate formulas or, even better, moisturizers – such as bath oils – to avoid excessively dehydrate the skin.


The skin should be soft and smooth as possible. So if the year has neglected to use, a weekly, a specific mask for the face , it is time to remedy. For oily skin you can opt for the classic clay mask, which helps to counteract the excess sebum and prevents the appearance of pimples and blacks. For dry skin instead must be chosen moisturizing and revitalizing mask, which helps to brighten a dull complexion and eliminate cracking. If the skin of the face and body features of in bulging or annoying, before sun exposure you need to book a visit to the dermatologist and, if necessary, proceed with the removal.


A good moisturizer is essential to make the skin soft and supple in view of the strain that will be submitted. The sun and salt water cause dryness and dehydration, and contribute to the formation of wrinkles. It ‘important to get commitment and apply a moisturizer every night, carefully massaging the skin of the face and body until absorbed. Also worth considering is that even hair suffer exposure to sun, wind, salt water and frequent washing ; so it is good to use, in recent weeks, a mild shampoo and moisturizing, and above all apply at least once a week a nourishing mask over the entire scalp.

4) EAT “OK”

Even the power is important in view of the first costume fitting, and not only for diets in extremis to which many of us are subjected in recent weeks with the hope of presenting on the beach without excess pounds. For a good tan is important is not the “what” but the “what” : namely fruits, vegetables and legumes. Preference should be given all those foods that strengthen the body’s defenses and reduce the impact with the first sun; for this purpose it is useful to well plenty of water. Another type of foods are to be favored by the food and drink quality draining, of which one of the most known and effective is green tea </ trong>: in addition to being a valuable aid against cellulite, helps to stimulate the circulation that may be affected by high temperatures.


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