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Always in the sun? Refurbished!

Posted on 18 Feb, 2015 by in Abbronzatura @en, Uncategorized @en | 0 comments

Dr Negosanti, there are many types of skin, but what are the rules that everyone should follow to keep it always the best?

“Speaking course of skins without specific diseases, in addition to a healthy diet, not smoking and drinking at least 2 liters of water a day, the key thing is to avoid tanning lamps and an excessive sun exposure . When we are exposed to sunlight, we must always take the right photoprotection and associate possibly intake of specific food supplements before and during the show. “

With autumn tan now is gone and his face he looks a bit ‘worn out, tired. But … you have to resign? Is there any cure or treatment more intense than just a “cream” that is harmless, safe, and that gives natural results? Or is it too much to ask?

“Once gone tanning, it is important first to make a thorough check-up of the skin which also includes mapping in. We then provide several techniques to repair the damage caused to our face from the sun. From treatments based bleaching creams, until arriving to a wide range of chemical peels specific to different types of skin. These prepare the ground for any injective revitalizing treatments or laser therapies. The revitalizing treatments, based on hyaluronic acid and antioxidant vitamins, are intended to moisturize the skin deeply, giving radiance and firmness in a very natural and without side effects, save for a small bruise at injection sites. We can then make use of various laser treatments to remove small imperfections of the face as sunspots, rosacea cheeks and small capillaries that form around the nose or to improve wrinkles and smooth the skin. “

When it comes to skin, you immediately think of the face. But also the skin of the body with the years tends to lose elasticity. How can we keep the legs, arms, torso … so the body healthy?

“A balanced diet. Regular physical activity. And maybe a good lymphatic drainage massage performed regularly. These are the basic rules to maintain a healthy looking physique. Autumn is the best season to undergo therapies sclerosing or laser sessions to clear the capillaries visible on the skin of our legs. And finally, do not wait for spring to think about cellulite or fat pads: better plan during the winter specific treatments such as Microtherapy or carboxy, or laser lipolysis to permanently remove the excess fat. And ‘the best strategy to be ready for the next test suit. “

Doctor, it seems to me to understand that there is a specific laser treatment for every imperfection of the face or body.

“Absolutely. We have a specific laser light to erase nearly all the imperfections of the face and body. Think about that for the past couple of years we are using with great success a new type of laser to correct vaginal atrophy in peri-menopause. With 1-3 treatments completely painless and free of side effects, you must regenerate the vaginal mucosa making young again, trophic, lubricated, eliminating symptoms such as dryness, burning, and pain during sexual intercourse, from which many women are afflicted at this stage of life. “

But at what age you should start prevention? Prevention can be done only for wrinkles or you can do for acne?

“Simple: the earlier you start the better. Prevention should be started immediately, for example by educating our children to a healthy lifestyle that includes a proper sun exposure to prevent wrinkles and skin cancer. Acne is instead a real disease that must be treated from its onset, not for aesthetic reasons but to prevent the formation of permanent scars “.

Source: and Dr. Francesca Negosanti

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